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Volunteering with Naturalize Charlotte

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Naturalize Charlotte Member Organizations offer an abundance of opportunities to volunteer within Charlotte's international community.

Naturalize Charlotte Member Organizations...

The Naturalize Charlotte Group is comprised of the following nonprofits and government agencies: Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte, Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency, International House, Latin American Coalition, ourBRIDGE, Refugee Support Services, Southeast Asian Coalition, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the YMCA. Several of these organizations offer volunteering opportunities, while others offer training, information, and resources for prospective volunteers.

Types of volunteering...

Naturalize Charlotte Member Organizations offer a variety of roles to prospective volunteers. Enjoy working with kids? ourBRIDGE would be an excellent fit. Interested in tutoring applicants for citizenship? Perhaps you'd enjoy volunteering as a Citizenship Preparation Tutor at International House. Looking to volunteer your expertise or experience in law, medicine, housing, or other fields? Refugee Support Services is always looking to add civic-minded professionals to their 'Help Team' network. No matter your volunteering interests, there is a role for you at a Naturalize Charlotte Member Organization!

Getting involved...

Naturalize Charlotte has established a volunteering page with descriptions of the volunteering roles available at all Naturalize Charlotte member organizations and links to the associated volunteering websites, volunteer sign-up forms, and more!

Naturalize Charlotte has also partnered with Share Charlotte to promote volunteering opportunities within Naturalize Charlotte Member Organizations. On each individual organization's Share Charlotte page, they can request donations, share new volunteering opportunities, and more! To access volunteering opportunities through Share Charlotte, visit the Naturalize Charlotte volunteering page and look for the Share Charlotte logo.

Interested in volunteering, but need to expand your knowledge on the naturalization process? U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services provides essential introductory information to volunteers in adult citizenship education classrooms or other learning environments. To access USCIS resources for prospective volunteers, visit the Naturalize Charlotte volunteering page and look for the USCIS logo.

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