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Welcoming Week 2020

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

The City of Charlotte, Arts and Science Council, and Naturalize Charlotte are working together to promote Welcoming Week in Charlotte.

This year in Charlotte, Welcoming Week will be held from September 12th through September 20th, and will serve as an opportunity for neighbors, immigrants, and long-term residents come together in a spirit of unity. Welcoming Week is a national program envisioned by Welcoming America, and this year's theme is "Creating Home Together."

"Home is not just a house. Home is any place where you feel safe and accepted: in your neighborhood, in your community, at work. Ultimately, home is where you feel you most belong. In this pandemic, we may be redefining where home is, what makes us feel at home, or how to make home a more inclusive and equal place for all. This Welcoming Week, let’s build home in new ways through virtual spaces, digital sharing, and being together even when we’re alone. Let’s create home together so everyone feels they belong, no matter where you are, or where you are from, so that each of us has a stake in its future." - Welcoming America

Charlotte celebrates Welcoming Week each year recognizing that our city is rich in diversity and to encourage dialogue and build connections. During Welcoming Week, we celebrate Charlotte’s culture, both new and old. Join us by attending and hosting your own events. For more information and a calendar of events, visit the Naturalize Charlotte Welcoming Week webpage. We hope you will join us in celebrating Welcoming Week September 12th-20th this year!

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