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Below is a compiled list of resources to aid you during and after the naturalization process. As you go through the steps of the naturalization process, we encourage you to reach out to Naturalize Charlotte Member Organizations so they can help ease the process and provide personalized help for you.


Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte

Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte’s immigration program is accredited by the Department of Justice and their immigration specialists are recognized by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service to represent clients. Their staff help clients better understand their legal status and possible immigration benefits. Both staff members are bilingual in Spanish and English and have access to local immigration attorneys, as well as to Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc (CLINIC), a nationwide network of immigration attorneys. Their services include: Citizenship, Travel Documents, Family Petitions and Consular Process, Green Card (Replacement and Renewals), Adjustment of Status, Translation and Notary Services, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA- Renewal), Temporary Protected Status (TPS).



Anggie Fernandez

Charlotte: 704-370-3219

International House

The Ginter Immigration Law Clinic at International House helps Charlotte's immigrants and refugees navigate the legal process to become U.S. citizens, secure a green card or work permit, and reunite their families here in their new city. With a mandate to serve low-income residents of the Greater Charlotte area and staffed by three attorneys and one board-accredited representative who can represent clients. The Clinic is open to all ethnic groups and targets the most disadvantaged cases.


Jelena Giric-Held


Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy helps people in the greater Charlotte area who cannot afford legal services but desperately need them. They accomplish this mission through a variety of advocacy strategies, including individual advice and representation, community education and outreach, representation of groups, self-help remedies, collaboration with other agencies, community economic development, legislative and administrative advocacy, and impact litigation. The Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy is open to all with income under 200% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines and will notify clients within a week of intake whether an attorney on staff has accepted their case or will give a referral to other agencies if necessary.





Sharon Dove


Maureen Abell



Ruth Santana


Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency

The Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency offers Immigration Legal Services including help with green cards, permanent residency, adjustment of status and citizenship applications. The CRRA's Legal Services are open to the public.


Marsha Hirsch


Latin American Coalition

La Coalición operates an Immigration Legal Clinic that focuses on Green Cards and Adjustments of Status in addition to providing Fee Waiver Evaluations, Application Assistance, and Attorney Review.



Ivonne Bass


Southeast Asian Coalition

The Southeast Asian Coalition works with many partner organizations and community and legal volunteers to support community members through their citizenship process. We organize free, in-language Citizenship & Know Your Rights fairs that include pre-screenings, N-400 and fee waiver application support, a Know Your Rights presentation and attorney reviews. 


Jenny Lee

Battered Immigrant Project - Legal Aid of North Carolina

The Battered Immigrant Project (BIP), part of Legal Aid of North Carolina’s Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative​, provides comprehensive and culturally appropriate legal services to immigrant survivors of violence needing assistance with immigration. The BIP represents qualifying applicants across North Carolina in immigration matters including Self-Petitions and Petitions to Remove Conditions on Residency under the Violence Against Women Act, U Visas for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, T Visas for victims of human trafficking, and deportation defense for qualifying victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. BIP attorneys work with domestic violence and immigrant rights advocates across the state to provide them with information about the rights of battered immigrants. Through the DVPI, staff in local LANC offices, as resources allow, represent immigrant survivors in legal matters such as Domestic Violence Protective Orders, Family Law issues, Public Benefits, and Housing issues.​ The Battered Immigrant Project only works with those who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or human trafficking and who have a household income that is under 187.5% of the US Poverty Guidelines.




(Tuesday 3:30pm-7:30pm; Thursday 9:00am-1:00pm)

Rona Karacoava


Amanda Hinnant 


Anna Cushman



Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency

The Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency offers Citizenship Preparation Classes to all community members who are ready to naturalize.


Marsha Hirsch


Central Piedmont Community College

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) offers Multi-level English Classes, Citizenship Preparation Classes, Educational Advising, and Vocational Training.



Lindsay LaPlante

Latin American Coalition

La Coalición offers ESL and citizenship classes. All programs are offered in both Spanish and English.



Ivonne Bass


International House

International House offers Multi-level ESL Classes for adults, citizenship tutoring and classes for adults, and an English Conversation Hour for all ages.



Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Southeast Asian Coalition

The Southeast Asian Coalition organizes community education programming to explore identity, social justice issues and civic engagement in order to build a community centered consciousness. 



A’lishia Bowman

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services administers the nation’s lawful immigration system and aids with citizenship, naturalization, and civic integration. USCIS offers Naturalization Presentations and Naturalization Study Materials.



Charlotte Community Relations Officer


7:00 AM - 3:30 PM





The next step in the process is to determine if you are eligible to begin the naturalization process and start your path to citizenship.

Refugee Support Services

Refugee Support Services Education Program provides refugee children and parents with a safe, loving, nurturing, environment that promotes a love for learning and creative play. Children are taught and encouraged to interact happily with each other, to listen quietly to stories while sitting side by side, to share snack time at the same table, to create works of art, to exercise by playing and to talk with adults who listen attentively to their needs and discoveries.


Rachel Humphries  



At ourBRIDGE, youth receive homework help, participate in hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering , Arts and Math) projects, and engage in a culturally relevant curriculum that emphasizes experiential learning. With an average of 100 kids served per day, ourBRIDGE offers students a curriculum that includes gardening, cooking, art, sports, education, and more. ourBRIDGE's focus is on the social and emotional well being of their students.


(980) 272-6022

Southeast Asian Coalition

At the Southeast Asian Coalition our Youth Program is the center of all of the work we do. The Youth Program engaged predominantly African American, Southeast Asian and Latinx youth from the East and West sides of Charlotte. SEAC believes in the power of our youth and is here to provide them with space to gain a political education, friendships, family, support, and so forth.  The Youth Program comes to SEAC weekly on Tuesday, for Turn Up Tuesday. In addition, SEAC also offers our youth an internship opportunity in the Young Activists and Student Organizer Program.



A’lishia Bowman


The YMCA New American Welcome Centers strengthen immigrant access to vital social services and provide a range of services for community members such as ESL and Parents as Teachers. 



Candace Murray


Pilar Perez

Catholic Charities
Diocese of Charlotte

Catholic Charities Refugee Youth Program exists to support refugee students and their families both in their education as well as their overall experience of adapting to their new home. We seek to offer a helping hand as families face the many challenges of resettlement. These include, but are not limited to, navigating the American education system, repercussions of the loss of community and extended family, language barriers, and cultural adaption.


  • After-school programming for K-5 focusing on homework assistance, literacy and ESL.

  • Middle School Program providing homework assistance, tutoring, and social development.

  • Drop-in tutoring for High School students

  • Meeting with teachers and school administrators to track and support students 

  • High School mentorship

  • Weekly dinners for Middle and High School students

  • College preparation and/or job readiness assistance

  • Parent and community meetings

  • Summer programming focused on ESL, literacy and community involvement

  • Field trips, enrichment activities and more!



Lashonda Walker




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